Aaron Li

Founder, CEO

Aaron built and designed the current and previous versions of Qokka (formerly Sudo Review) with many iterations of feedback from friends.

Aaron has done a bit of everything since he learned programming on DOS at age 7. Most recently Aaron headed AI engineering and research at Scaled Inference as founding team's lead inference engineer. Prior to that, he worked at Google Research and NICTA on complex large-scale machine learning systems, visualization of latent variable models, and GPU-based topic models.

Aaron is a recipient of Alien of Extraordinary Ability (EB-1A) in AI and machine learning. He received multiple awards in the field, including ACM SIGKDD 2014 Best Paper Award. He has authored multiple publications in the field. Aaron holds an MSc in Computer Science (specializing in Machine Learning, and AI in Language Technologies) from Carnegie Mellon University, and a BSc with First Class Honours from Australian National University with quadruple major in Double Computer Science, Math, and Statistics.

Aaron has been an active supporter of blockchain (see recent invited talks) and an early Bitcoin miner since 2011.

Aaron was an avid eSport player during high school years in New Zealand, led two World of Warcraft teams to compete nationally in China. He spent more than half of his in-game time on cracking the programming and building add-ons for some of these games. Eventually, he became a better programmer than gamer.

Nina Wei

Product Consultant

Nina has been advising with Qokka on product and interaction design since it was still an infant project called "Amazon Review Explorer".

Nina is a Product Manager at, creating AI powered consumer products. Previously, She was a Product Designer at Baidu AI Lab (Silicon Valley), where she designed several successful AI-powered products. Before that, she worked at multiple design agencies and startups. She holds MSc in Human-Computer Interaction and Design at University of Washington, and BSc in Psychology. She loves reading and writing about psychology, chat bot, and AI.


Alan Cheung

Executive Director, DASCOM Holdings

Alan is one of the earliest investors and supporters of Qokka.

Alan is the Executive Director at Dascom Holdings, a private technology holdings company with presence in more than 33 countries and headquarter in Hong Kong, and serving more than 4.6 million enterprise and government clients across the globe, with subsidiaries across business sectors such as Business Printing Solutions, Personal Healthcare Solutions, LED Lighting Solutions, Intranet Security, E-Learning, System Integration, Telecommunications, and Commercial Real Estate. Formerly, Alan was the Co-founder and Executive Director of Viva Mobile, a company providing communication and media services to the public via platform based mobile applications, with over 230 millions users and more than 35 million monthly active users as of 2016. Before that, Alan was co-founder and executives in multiple digital media companies.


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