June 15, 2018: Qokka and two other Silicon Valley blockchain companies hosted a series of educational events in Asia. We were excited to unveil the mystery around blockchain, and show people how this technology could empower their lives. Here is the event flyer, and a one-page summary for our talk (English, Chinese [中文]).

We hosted events in Singapore (May 21), Hong Kong (May 23), Shenzhen (May 26, with TEDx JNU), Hangzhou (May 27), Shanghai (May 29), Beijing - CBD [中文介绍] (May 30), Beijing - Alpha Startups (May 31, hosted by Alpha Startups and Harvard Angel Club), Beijing - Google Office (June 1, hosted by Google Beijing), and Beijing - Tsinghua University (June 2).

Check our photos on Google Photos!

May 6, 2018: Xoogler Demo Day - Qokka presented to over 100 entrepreneurs and angel investors at Google office in San Francisco in this event made exclusive to companies founded by ex-Googlers.

The Xoogler Demo Day was organized by community, supported by Google’s Developers Launchpad and Google Play, and covered by Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and official Xoogler blogs on Medium.

April 15, 2018: CMU Summit - In a blockchain panel discussion hosted by Distinguished Professor Lenore Blum at CMU, Qokka was invited to share our contributions and our insights on the present and future of blockchain, along with founders of other blockchain companies including Trade Terminal, Quarkchain, ArcBlock, CyberMiles, and more.

Qokka was also invited to a second panel for AI Trends hosted by Professor Blum, along with distinguished guests from Petuum, Uber, and Grishin Robotics. More details are available in our blog

We captured some photos in our Google Photo Album

March 9, 2018: Qokka closed angel investment round with two venture funds and one more angel investor onboard. We were very excited to welcome Alpha Startups, and Origin Capital, in addition to an unnamed angel investor to be part of our community. In particular, we wanted to thank Alpha Startups who led this series of investment and their extensive support. We now have a total of 5 investors.

Feb 4, 2018: We launched a more powerful version of Sudo Review, our first product for exploring and summarizing reviews on Amazon, powered by Qokka's core machine learning systems. Check it out at

Intro: What is Qokka?

See our latest presentation (also available in Chinese [中文]).

Qokka is a company focusing on the fundamental technologies of machine learning and natural language processing, and the research and development of innovative systems, algorithms, and optimizations, to make these technologies fast, reliable, and practical. Qokka aims to make these technologies accessible by everyone, and is actively creating new products powered by their core technologies.

Qokka's first product is an information summarization platform for Amazon reviews, launched in Feb 2018, available at

Now, Qokka is refining these technologies further to build an automated information hub for cryptocurrencies and blockchain. By leveraging deep expertise and unique research breakthroughs in areas such as natural language processing, topic models, and large scale machine learning, Qokka's platform learns and summarizes information for each of thousands of cryptocurrencies from the entire Internet, including news, discussions, blogs, whitepapers, chats, social network updates, and more, ultimately providing users with a fast, simple, reliable, and more efficient way to explore large volume of information, discover high quality blockchain projects, and get high quality, timely information related to cryptocurrencies.

Products Automated Info Hub for Cryptos

Coming soon. Sign up for beta here.

Sudo Review: Amazon Review Summaries

Available now. Get review topics, summaries, sentiments for about 8 million products and 80 million reviews. Launched in August 2017, updated in Feb 2018.

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Our office (photos) is located at 800 W El Camino Real #180, Mountain View, CA 94040. Feel free to drop by!

Core Team

Aaron Li

Founder, CEO

Aaron is the founder of Qokka. He was an engineer in machine learning at Google Research (on core ML systems), NICTA (Australia's national lab, now part of CSIRO), and a lead engineer in the founding team at Scaled Inference, an AI startup founded by early Google veterans, backed by Vinod Khosla, David Wallerstein, and Michael Jordan.

At Scaled Inference, he co-designed and co-implemented, the first autonomous optimization platform. He progressed from an inference engineer, to a leader heading the research and engineering of AI and ML in the company. He co-developed learning, inference, optimization, evaluation, and analysis of a new paradigm of high-dimensional mixture model families, which are as powerful as deep learning but require far less data, are more expressive, explainable, and mathematically sound. He joined as the #7 member in the company, made substantial contribution to all components of the platform (~100k lines of original code in total), conducted 300+ interviews, and recruited multiple star engineers, scientists, and PhDs from top programs as part of his team and the company, including multiple key members in the current technical leadership team (as of 2017-2018).

At Google's core research group Strategic Technologies, he designed and implemented world's first fast, large-scale general topic modelling system (an extension to his KDD 2014 paper) on Google's proprietary parameter server large-scale machine learning infrastructure (which itself was built by the team based on his NIPS 2013 paper). In production settings, the system would improve efficiency and performance by 10x, and save electricity at a rate more than the regular output of a nuclear power plant.

At NICTA, he designed and implemented world's first GPU topic modelling (based on his bachelor honours thesis and proprietary code) and comparative visualization of topic models, which he integrated into NICTA's product "OpinionWatch", a project sponsored by Australia Department of Defence. He represented the team and presented his research and the new product at Parliament House during Techfest 2013, a special event hosted by Prime Minister of Australia.

He won multiple nationally and internationally recognized awards, including the prestigious ACM SIGKDD 2014 Best Research Paper Award on machine learning and topic modeling while completing his M.S. in Language Technologies (Computer Science) at the Carnegie Mellon University, an area he has been working on since before he finished his B.S. at Australian National University with quadruple majors in Computer Science, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics. He started programming since the age of 7.

A Beijing native, New Zealand citizen, and former resident of Australia, Aaron immigrated to United States and was granted ""Extraordinary Ability green card (EB-1A)" (a.k.a. Einstein Green Card) in the US to create fundamental, disruptive technologies for humans. He started mining Bitcoin since 2011 (recent talks, slides, interviews, and blogs).

Nina Wei

Founding Product Manager and Designer

Nina is the founding product manager and designer at Qokka. Before joining Qokka, she led the product development of an AI product in incubation at under Andrew Ng. Prior to that, she designed and launched multiple AI-powered products at Baidu Research’s Sillicon Valley AI Lab, some of which (such as TalkType) received thousands of rave reviews, and are extensively covered by the press, news outlets, and tech media.

She holds a master’s degree in Human-Computer Interactions and Design from University of Washington (top 3 HCI programs in the world), and completed a BS in Applied Psychology while doing HCI research at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and Chinese Academy of Sciences. As a researcher and practitioner in HCI, she was granted patent for multiple innovative designs, and authored a diverse portfolio of publications ranging from blog articles on Medium by invitation from multiple journals, to scholarly articles in top venues such as IEEE Pervasive Computing and ACM Interactions.


Alpha Startups Fund

Lead Angel Investor

Alpha Startups Fund is founded by Richard Xu, the former CMO of Qihoo 360, and a three-time founder and entrepreneur who co-founded ChinaCache and led the company's NASDAQ IPO, and Alex Jiang, an early investor who has incubated 60+ Internet companies in four years and co-managing partner of the most successful incubator in China (Sinovation Ventures). In 2017, Alpha Startups Fund was rated as one of the 20 most popular angel investors in China by top tech news publishers 36kr.

The Origin Capital

Angel Investor

Origin Capital is an investment entity focused on blockchain enabled technologies. Based in Singapore and Silicon Valley, the firm has invested in 30 blockchain companies since late 2016, and participates in both equity and tokensale events. Having built strong relationships with entrepreneurs, top investors, and ecosystem leaders, Origin Capital helps startups forge strategic partnerships and brings industry-specific resources to it's portfolio companies.

Alan Cheung

First Angel Investor

Alan is one of the earliest investors and supporters of Qokka.

Alan is the Executive Director at Dascom Holdings, a private technology holdings company with presence in more than 33 countries and headquarter in Hong Kong, and serving more than 4.6 million enterprise and government clients across the globe, with subsidiaries across business sectors such as Business Printing Solutions, Personal Healthcare Solutions, LED Lighting Solutions, Intranet Security, E-Learning, System Integration, Telecommunications, and Commercial Real Estate. Formerly, Alan was the Co-founder and Executive Director of Viva Mobile, a company providing communication and media services to the public via platform based mobile applications, with over 230 millions users and more than 35 million monthly active users as of 2016. Before that, Alan co-founded and worked at multiple digital media companies.

Qokka's Friends

Angel Investors

Some founder's personal friends became early investor and supporters of Qokka solely based on a crude prototype ( and Qokka's vision. Although some of them want to remain anonymous, here we want to thank them for their trust and contributions.