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May 15, 2018: and two other Silicon Valley blockchain companies will be doing an educational event in Asia. We're excited to demystify the hype and show people how blockchain can empower their lives. Here is the event flyer, and a one-page summary for our talk (English, Chinese).

We will host events in Singapore (May 21), Hong Kong (May 23), Shenzhen (May 26, with TEDx), Hangzhou (May 27), Shanghai (May 29), Beijing - CBD (May 30), and Beijing - Tsinghua University (June 2). If you want more info, please let us know!

What is

See our latest presentation. It has pointers to a list technical papers we published in the past, and a draft whitepaper in progress.

We started as a simple information summarization platform for Amazon product reviews. Now, aims to provide individuals with a fast, transparent, reliable, intelligent, and real-time channel to explore large volume of information, and discover high-quality crypto projects. AI and blockchain are built by the people, for the people. It should not be the case that only the rich players get provided with high quality, timely information in such a space with explosive growth. Everyone should have open, equal opportunities. empowers average users through AI, by making blockchain and crypto information more transparent and readily available. utilizes AI technologies such as natural language processing, topic models, and large scale machine learning, to learn and summarize information for each of thousands of cryptos from the entire Internet, including news, discussions, blogs, whitepapers, chats, social networks, and more, ultimately providing individuals and average users a fast, simple, and more efficient way to explore information.

Platform: Automated Hub for Crypto Info

Coming soon. Sign up for beta here.

Platform: Amazon Review Summaries

Available now. Get review topics, summaries, sentiments for about 8 million products and 80 million reviews. Launched in August 2017, updated in Feb 2018.

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