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What is creates information summarization engines to solve the information overloading problem.

Product: Review Explorer

Our first product is a platform that analyzes Amazon reviews. We enable users to explore unbiased review summarizations curated by our AI, and get information such as trustworthiness, problems, highlights, sentiments, topics, and more.

Product: Crypto Summarizer

We are working on another platform for cryptocurrencies using the same technology, which we expect to launch in March.


We base our platform on some unique technologies in AI and machine learning. uses algorithms developed in in-house, based on years of research in machine learning and natural language understanding. Engineers and researchers at have published multiple research papers in these areas which were recognized as the state-of-the-art by the industry and academia.

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We are still looking for office spaces in Silicon Valley. If you are in Silicon Valley, you might see us from time to time at Red Rock Cafe in Mountain View.