Corpora Engine

Solutions for listening to customer voices and social discussions all over the internet 24/7. Get digestible, actionable insights in real time. Customizable, scalable, fast, powered by machine learning.

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Sudo Review

AI-assisted Shopping and Customer Intelligence

We enable consumers to shop only the best, know what's good and bad in seconds, and get the $$$ back (coming soon) at the same time. For businesses, we offer solutions to let businesses care and engage customers like never before. Find out more about our solutions at sudoreview.com.

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Decrypt crypto market sentiment and trends

Seize opportunities and get actionable insights, with our AI-powered analysis which delivers high quality, real-time public sentiment, hot topics, latest events to you 24/7. For businesses, we offer solutions to enable exchanges, medias, and crypto projects to listen to their customers and engage with their communities 24/7, and get actionable insights through understanding complaints, analyzing competition, profiling their users groups, and tracking specific public sentiment. Find out more at cryptoqokka.com

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