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We still offer custom solution and enterprise versions of these products. Please contact us if you are interested.

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Get the most value from your limited data

Discover actionable patterns from communication data at large scale using the most efficient ML and NLP technologies




Credible: Reviews & Social Proofs - Personalized customer reviews and actions as social proofs | Product Hunt Embed

Credible enables you to present personalized customer reviews and actions as social proofs, so you can get more sales, collect more reviews, and become more credible. Credible can be easily installed on Shopify, WordPress, or custom website in just 1 minute.

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Inactive Products

The public-facing versions of these products are discontinued. We still offer custom and enterprise solutions.

Community Trends

Analyze and compare community mention trends just like what you did with Google search trends. Currently focusing on blockchain communities, monitoring and analyzing 942 subreddits and 1299 telegram communities.

Blockchain Community Intelligence

Help you uncover what's really happening in blockchain communities before everyone else figures it out.

Cryptocurrency Community Sentiment

Get sentiment data, trending topics, and insights into top news for 2000+ blockchain projects

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We discontinued our lab products, but they will become part of Credible soon

Sudo Review Preview

Sudo Review: Best of Amazon

Shop the best, know what's good and bad in seconds, earn up to 10% cashback

Sudo Review: Chrome Extension

Understand thousands of Amazon reviews in seconds. Get Sudo Review while you shop on Amazon.

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