Machine Intelligence for Communities

Turn trillions of conversations from millions of public communities across Reddit, Telegram, Discord, and others into actionable customer insights, untapped marketing channels and new revenue opportunities.



Qokka | Blockchain: Community Intelligence

Listen -> Understand -> Act

By monitoring and analyzing billions of conversations from tens of thousands of public blockchain communities on Reddit, Telegram and Discord, we help companies augment their communities and competitors monitoring, uncover critical insights, trends and opportunities, and always act ahead of the market. Top blockchain companies have been relying on Qokka | Blockchain to discover and engage with their customers, developers, partners, supporters and investors.

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Qokka | Blockchain: Community Data Solution

Community Sentiments and Trends APIs and UI Widgets

Get real time prices, community sentiments, trending topics and top news for 2000+ blockchain companies now. Available in both APIs and UI Widgets that you can easily integrate onto your websites, apps, and trading systems.

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Qokka | Gaming: The Hivemind for Gaming Communities

Understand gamers’ opinions from trillions of conversations across millions of communities on the fly. Let AI guide you to make successful games, and to discover, analyze, and engage with the right communities and gamers.

Image credit: Portal by Valve Corporation

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Opinion Engine: proprietary machine intelligence systems leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning and natural language technologies

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