Cryptocurrency Sentiments & Analytics

Continuous collection and analysis of terabytes of public discussion data




A suite of crypto sentiment APIs and widgets for 1000+ tradable cryptocurrencies: (1) sentiments v.s. prices, (2) news analysis, (3) market overview, (4) topics, opinions, summaries. (Video Intro)

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Crypto Sentiment Pro

Monitoring, analyzing and visualizing terabytes of cryptocurrency discussions on Reddit and Telegram.

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Crypto Trends

Like Google Trends, Crypto Trends shows how keywords are mentioned in crypto communities (~1000 Reddit and 1500+ Telegram communities).

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Sudo Review

Surfacing the pros and cons, sentiments, and summaries from Amazon product reviews. Real-time analysis with interactive visualization for exploratory analysis. 10M+ Amazon products and 100M+ reviews analyzed.

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A simple e-commerce widget for aggregating, collecting, and presenting social proofs: customer reviews, recent orders, visitor statistics. It has improved the revenue for some hotels by 25-50%, and some restaurants by 75-100%. Credible can installed on Shopify, WordPress / WooCommerce, SquareSpace, Wix, or custom websites in just 1 minute.

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