August 2018: Private Beta Launched!

We launched private beta for CryptoQokka. If you want an invite code, please reach out to the team.

July 2018: Australia & New Zealand Trip

We visited New Zealand and Australia! Here is a talk we gave at Centre for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, at University of Auckland, New Zealand.

June 2018: Asia Trip

Qokka and two other Silicon Valley blockchain companies hosted a series of educational events in Asia. We were excited to unveil the mystery around blockchain, and show people how this technology could empower their lives. Here is the event flyer, and a summary for our talk.

May 2018: Xoogler Demo Day

Xoogler Demo Day - Qokka presented to over 100 entrepreneurs and angel investors at Google office in San Francisco in this event made exclusive to companies founded by ex-Googlers.
The Xoogler Demo Day was organized by community, supported by Google’s Developers Launchpad and Google Play, and covered by Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and official Xoogler blogs on Medium.

April 2018: CMU Summit

CMU Summit - In a blockchain panel discussion hosted by Distinguished Professor Lenore Blum at CMU, Qokka was invited to share our contributions and our insights on the present and future of blockchain, along with founders of other blockchain companies including Trade Terminal, Quarkchain, ArcBlock, CyberMiles, and more. Qokka was also invited to a second panel for AI Trends hosted by Professor Blum, along with distinguished guests from Petuum, Uber, and Grishin Robotics. More details are available in our blog.

March 2018: Closed Angel Round

Qokka closed angel investment round with two venture funds and one more angel investor onboard. We were very excited to welcome Alpha Startups, and Origin Capital, in addition to an unnamed angel investor to be part of our community. In particular, we wanted to thank Alpha Startups who led this series of investment and their extensive support. We now have a total of 5 investors.

Feb 2018: Sudo Review Launched

We launched a more powerful version of Sudo Review, our first product for exploring and summarizing reviews on Amazon, powered by Qokka's core machine learning systems. Check it out at